Swim Faster Breaststroke Technique with Chloe Sutton

Published At : 16 Dec 2016
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2-Time Olympic Swimmer Chloe Sutton goes through every part of breaststroke technique. Follow Me: Instagram: @csutswim Twitter.com/csutswim Facebook.com/chloesuttonswim REQUEST CHLOE SUTTON FOR A CLINIC! You can have Chloe visit your team with the Fitter and Faster Swim Tour! Chloe will share her knowledge with all of the swimmers as well as race Chloe, ask questions, and get her autograph! Click here: https://fitterandfaster.com/request-a... OR Call 786-837-6881 to request Chloe for a clinic in your area. Take a lesson from Chloe in Colorado! Chloe coaches at a
high-tech facility called SwimLabs at the Denver, Boulder, or Ft. Collins locations. Athletes swim in a flume (swimming treadmill) with cameras mounted inside. Chloe then records video of the athlete swimming and analyzes the video and makes corrections. Read more here: http://chloesutton.com/private-le... For Denver or Boulder Call: (303) 798-7946 For Ft. Collins Call: (970) 682-1692 If you can't make it out to Colorado, send in your stroke video to FirstToTheWall.com and Chloe will analyze your stroke and provide feedback!