MOVING ON, Part 1/2: Exploring Nostalgia | Thomas Sanders

Published At : 04 Oct 2017
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Can looking back on the past help or hinder us? For many people, that can be sort of a complicated question. And in this video, I struggle with moving on from a very important part of my past. Is this a dilemma that can be worked out with the Sides? Or are the workings of the heart just too enigmatic? Hope you enjoy! I want to thank my absolutely AMAZING friends, Joan and Talyn. Joan assisted me with writing the script, and they BOTH helped to create Patton's Room and edit this video, dedicating COUNTLESS hours to the production! **Get the new merch here** Joan's Links: ( ( Talyn's Links: ( ( ( Also, thank you to Drew Gooden for helping to create the thumbnail and the opening "Sanders Sides" graphic for this video!! Drew's Links: ( ( Works Cited: What Does Nostalgia Do?
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