Cookie Clicker: Update 2.0 - "Hardcore" Achievement Guide

Published At : 22 Feb 2016
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Watch Full Video Of Cookie Clicker: Update 2.0 - "Hardcore" Achievement Guide.Hello everyone, welcome to another video on the Cookie Clicker 2.0 update! This time, I show you a timelapse of me getting the Hardcore achievement, gotten by getting to 1 billion total cookies baked with no upgrades purchased! This achievement takes a very long time to complete, but is otherwise not especially difficult. All it takes is a lot of patience and a lot of luck! Try out the new update!: Playlist: Follow me on Twitch for livestreaming shenanigans!: Subscribe to me (pls): My Spreadshirt Store!: Credit to any music used in the video goes to, check them out for a huge library of music! (Also available through a partnership with Fullscreen :D) Subscribe to my livestream/backup account!: Social Medias: Twitter: Facebook: Steam: Google+: 3DS Friend Code: 2895-8439-8140