A possible way to learn new tricks | Wakeboard Tutorial [ENG]

Published At : 23 Sep 2015
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Watch Full Video Of A possible way to learn new tricks | Wakeboard Tutorial [ENG].In this video you can see a possible way to improve your riding and to learn new tricks. facebook.com/wakeboomertv instagram.com/markus_czorlich Location: Wasserki und Wakeboardzentrum Heuchelheim wasserski-heuchelheim.de facebook.com/WWZ.Heuchelheim the-gap-magazin.com facebook.com/thegapmagazincom Special Thanks: Marvin Beer, Jakob Boll, Marius Marski, Florian König, Felix Kunold, Michael Skupin Disclaimer/Haftungsausschluss If you try one of the explained tricks by yourself, make sure that you are always wearing a helmet and an
impact-vest. Please try only tricks which correspond to your own riding-abillity, espacially on obstacles. Always warm yourself up before you ride to prevent injuries. If you try a new trick, do it in an area which can be viewed by other people. Inform the cable-staff or other persons before you try a new trick. The tricks and tutorials presented here should be just a little, not binding help. I take no responsibility for Injuries, property damage or personal injuries produced during your training.